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You know what, the website loading speed is everything when it comes to creating a user-friendly website. It doesn’t make any sense, even though you have very good informative content and valuable products on your site if your website is not user friendly. That’s why I am giving you the ultimate guide for how to improve your website loading speed with simple and effective methods.

Website loading speed is another important element for on-page SEO, which impacts ranking your site on Google.

Why The Website Loading Slow?

If your website loading speed is slow and below the average speed, then it means something is not right, and you better ask the website speed optimizer services.

If you don’t know how to do a website speed test, then there are many free tools where you can check your website speed test. Such as GTmatrix, Page speed, and Pingdom. These all are free tools, and you can use them freely for testing your website speed.
The most reason why your website loading slowly is that your Web Hosting is not good, and you are not using CDN. but there are many more reasons that I will be sharing with you, and guide you on how to improve your WordPress website loading speed as follows
  1. Web Hosting
  2. Theme
  3. Use a content delivery network(CDN)
  4. Optimize images and videos
  5. Turn off pingbacks and trackback
  6. Use Cloudflare
  7. Stop using unnecessary plugins
  8. Minify javascript
website loading speed

1. Web Hosting Plan


Choosing the right web hosting plan is very important. Many people choose the cheapest hosting plan at the beginning. That’s ok as long as your website is a small size and doesn’t have much competition with other sites. But, I recommend you upgrade the hosting plan as your business size increases, and blogging performance starts going up and sees more competitors around.

Generally, hosting companies provide three different hosting plans as follows.

  1. Shared hosting: In shared hosting, your site shares certain sources like RAM, dis space, and CPU with other sites on the same server, that’s why it’s cheaper but slower at the same time.
It’s like you are staying in an apartment with bunches of some other people, where you have a shared kitchen and bathroom. that will be a pain as you have to compromise all the time.
  1.  VPS hosting: In case of VPS hosting plans, your site shares servers with other sites, but still your site gets a dedicated portion of its own server’s resource.
  2. Dedicated hosting: If your site is for business purposes, then a dedicated hosting plan is your right option, though it costs higher than other plans. It has its server, and lots more space, which makes the site more smooth and performance will be way better compared to other plans.

2. Theme 


Does the theme effect the loading speed of the WordPress website? Yes, it is. If the theme is built with poor coding language then it will affect loading the website.

But don’t worry, you have the option of all these most used and the best themes which you can use for your site. These are Divi, OceanWP, Ultra, Astra, and Studio press.

Every website you create has a different application and purpose. For example, the website for e-commerce and the website for blogging is different. Therefore, you have to choose the theme according to your application of the website.

3. Use Content Delivery Network(CDN)


The content delivery network is all about delivering your website data to the users by storing a copy of your website data to the closest server center from the users, and this allows the users to get quick access to your content on the internet.

If your website is for business, I recommended you use CDN, which makes a huge difference in website loading. Every single person that visits your sites prefers a smooth and faster loading site.

Every millisecond matters, when it comes to conversion. “A 100 millisecond slower page loading speed can result in a 7% drop in sales”  which means every millisecond matters to your business conversion.

website loading speed

4. Optimize Images And Videos


Videos and images are very important as a content creator. When it comes to creating beautiful and informative content, the videos and pictures are equally important, but this might lead to slowing down your website due to increasing your site size.

The best thing is there are so many free tools that can help you to optimize your photos and videos. Such as JPEG Optimizer,compressor.io are free image optimizers. Handbrake is a video compressor tool that is also free.

There are many more tools that can help to compress your photos and videos. So make sure, you use those tools to optimize your images and videos before uploading on your site.

5. Turn Off Pingbacks And Trackbacks

Pingback and trackback are the methods of alerting if someone gives a link to your blog post. By default, pingback is turn-on on WordPress which gives alert even when you create an internal link between your posts.

The difference between pingback and the trackback is that the pingback is automatic, and the trackback is something that you have to create.

Turning off pingback and trackback will not effect creating backlinks. The reason why we have to turn off this alert is that by default, it’s automatic, which may lead to creating a lot of spams. And turning off will give less work to your website.



How To Improve WordPress Website Speed

6. Use Cloudflare

 Cloudflare is one of the most popular plugins that help in enhancing both website speed and security. Cloudflare acts as a CDN, which makes your website loading faster. According to Cloudflare, on average, a website using Cloudflare loads twice as fast.

It has a different plan according to the needs of your website, but you can also go with a free plan.

7. Stop Using An Unnecessary Plugin

Especially when we use WordPress for website building, there are lots of plugins to install that create better features on the website. but some plugins are not necessary.

Heavy and unclean coding plugins on WordPress will reduce the loading speed of your site. Some plugins are already installed when you install WordPress, which is not necessary. They may help you for creating certain features but it leads to an increase in your site size that impacts on loading your site.

8. Minify Javascript Code

Minification of javascript code makes files compact, which leads to reducing the overall size of the website.

It’s also called minimization, which removes the unnecessary characters from the javascript source code without alternating any of its functionality.

To minify the javascript code, there are some useful plugins of the WordPress that can help to minify your site’s javascript such as the Autoptimize plugin. Before I used this plugin, my website speed was around 6.5s, but as you can see below result is tested after using Autoptimize plugin.


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